Are Your Trees Out of Control?

Are Your Trees Out of Control?

Consider our tree pruning services in Katy, TX

In order to have healthy trees, periodic tree trimming and pruning is necessary. At Greenway Tree Service, we know how out of control your trees can get if they're left to grow unchecked. Tree pruning promotes healthier growth by removing dead and diseased limbs. There are several methods for tree pruning.

Those methods are:

  • Cleaning: The removal of dead, dying and diseased branches.
  • Raising: Removing the lower branches to make way for buildings and pedestrians.
  • Reduction: Reducing the size of the tree.

Routine trimming is an important part of tree maintenance. Call 832-623-3538 to schedule a tree trimming in Katy, TX now.

For every tree you remove, why not plant a new one?

Throughout the growing season, trees have to be pruned and occasionally culled. Once you remove dead or diseased trees from your landscaping, consider planting new trees in their place. Trees make wonderful shade areas in your yard and they are important for many native animals.

Ask about our tree planting services in Katy, TX today.