Want Healthy Trees? Give Them a Trim.

Schedule a tree trimming appointment in Katy, TX

Don’t wait to see broken boughs and stunted growth to call Greenway Tree Service. Regular tree trimming keeps trees healthy by encouraging new and faster growth. We offer tree trimming to clients in the Katy, TX area.

Greenway Tree Service also offers:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree planting

Your trees provide you with a multitude of benefits. Isn’t it time to return the favor? Call now to set up routine tree care.

3 reasons you need stump grinding service

3 reasons you need stump grinding service

Stump grinding doesn’t just remove an eyesore. Leaving a stump in your yard:

  1. Creates a safety hazard: Playing children or distracted adults can trip over low stumps.
  2. Prevents new growth: You can’t replace the dead tree when part of it remains.
  3. Encourages pests: Insects, including termites, thrive in decaying stumps.

Don’t wait for an injury or infestation. Call Greenway Tree Service in Katy, TX today to schedule your stump grinding appointment.